Giant baby...Tiny vagina - eek!
Thankfully there is a lot you can do to prepare your body before the big day
I was in your shoes once and I was nervous!  
I was afraid of tearing and I didn't understand how a giant baby would come out of my vagina and I would be able to run and jump and enjoy sex again! If you're like me and are nervous about labour, birth, or your recovery...
 Then you NEED to watch this video!
(It'll only take TWO minutes & I promise it'll be worth it.)
Prepare to Push™ Online
The Most Innovative Birth Preparation Program Available! 
You know that preparing for a big event is essential.  Would you run a marathon without training for it?

What bigger event will you ever prepare for than the birth of your baby?  The crazy thing is that labour is like 4-6 marathons yet there is no training program for it.  

The Prepare to Push™ program applies the fitness principle of specificity to labour and birth prep.  You need to train for your big event using movement and exercise that is as close to the event as possible.  

Prepare To Push™ gives you the essential information about your pelvic floor and abdomen in birth AND recovery.

Education videos, exercises (both strengthening and stretching), and targeted info and techniques for the pelvic floor (beyond just 'do your kegels') and the abdomen - have you heard of diastasis recti?

Plus you get a full recovery protocol because like any major event, you need to factor in the recovery.
I truly want you to have the best labour, birth, and recovery possible.
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"Hey Kim,

I took the Prepare to Push class back in the fall. I am now 6 months postpartum, I thought I'd just let you know how useful I found this program. 

I started doing the exercises while I was still pregnant and then I followed the postpartum exercises as outlined. 

I had no complictions throughout pregnancy, birth or postpartum. That includes no low back pain, no tearing and no diastasis or prolapse. I saw a pelvic health physio last week for the first time and was told I have no issues and have completely recovered. 

So thank you very very much!

I've included a before and after belly shot because I was shocked at how quickly my pregnant belly shrank. The first shot is the day before I gave birth, the second shot is 2 days postpartum.

Thanks again,
What's included..
Prepare to Push™ Online:
Prepare to Push™ Online is a comprehensive labour, birth, and recovery program 
There are 43 lessons, all stored inside your exclusive members' only portal. 
You get lifetime access to instructional videos, images, exercises, workouts, product recommendations, informative articles, and so much more. You can refer back to it whenever you like and even when I update it with new information, you will get it.
Let's look at some of the lessons included:
Lesson #6:
Diastasis Recti 
One of the most common complaints of women after they have had a baby is their tummy. 
“How do I get my tummy back to the way it used to be?”
“I just want this pooch to go away”.
“I look 6 months pregnant all the time.”

The Diastisis Recti lesson includes information about what diastasis recti is, how to minimize it, how to check for it, how to heal it, and the section features images and two instructional videos. 
Here's a sneak peak:
"Technically you have always had a gap, it just got a bit bigger in pregnancy as a normal response to the growing baby. What is not normal, is when the connective tissue that holds the rectus in place remains stretched and thin and unable to generate tension in the midline. So remember not to get hung up on the gap. We measure it as a way to determine if the muscles are functional but the distance is not the biggest concern."
Lesson #20:
Labouring Down
The Labouring Down lesson includes what labouring down means, what 'stations' are, benefits or labouring down, and how it can benefit you.
Here's a sneak peak:
"Changing positions here can also be helpful to allow baby to make his/her way down to the pelvic floor at +2 station. Some of the more optimal birth positions are

- Side lying 
- Tall kneeling 
- Squat
- Standing
- Quadruped 

By using the strengthening and release exercises in the program your body will be better prepared to adapt to each of the positions.  You will have the strength and endurance needed to perform as needed in your labour.
Lesson #40:
Preparing Your Pelvic Floor For Birth
Let's face it, a common thought that goes through the minds of many is 

'How am I going to get something as big as a baby out of something as small as my vagina?' 
'Will I be able to hold a tampon or my diva cup in?' 
'Will I still enjoy sex?' 
'Will pee fall out of me?' 

The Preparing Your Pelvic Floor For Birth lesson includes instructional images and videos for perineal massage, information on a tool called the EPI-NO, and a more in-depth look at core breathing during birth. 
Here's a sneak peak:
"Being able to connect with a part of your body that you can’t see takes some visualization. Everyone is different so what resonates with you will be completely different from what resonates with another woman. I generally use the following images to help women let go and release while doing perineal massage or during the stretching phase of the EPI-NO.

Visualize a jellyfish softly floating in the water. Apply that image to your vagina and pelvic floor. Let go and soften and release tension and float.  Some people benefit from a blossom visualization - inhale and blossom your vulva.

Let go of any tension in the front of this hips, in the pelvis, in the groin, in the inner thighs, in the butt – let go and soften and release. Embrace the openness that you feel."
You also get the Bellies Inc™ 
Labour and Birth Handbook
As A FREE Bonus!
The Labour & Birth Handbook covers all of the birth positions and modifications for home and hospital.

You can easily print this PDF off and pack it in your hospital bag, or have it on hand at home so you can refer to the suggested positions without having to memorize all of the different possibilities and comfort measures.

You'll also be able to access it from your phone - no printer required. 
Prepare to Push™ Online
Shorten your labour, push time, AND improve your recovery with my innovative birth preparation program.

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Other Women Have Asked...
Is this useful if I've already had a baby?
Yes! Many people are actually more fearful with the 2nd pregnancies because they didn't have their ideal experience the first time around. Being informed and confident and prepared can improve birth outcomes especially if you have already given birth.
I had a c-section with my last baby - is this program going to work for me?
Absolutely! Many people believe that a cesarean birth makes them immune to core and pelvic floor challenges. This is not true. Perhaps you are wanting a VBAC with this birth. Prepare To Push™ will help support your desire for a vaginal birth and even if you choose to have a cesarean or end of having one, the program offers recovery strategies to help you heal.
Is this helpful if I'm working with a doula/midwife?
You bet! I used a midwife with both of my births and had I known about doula's I would have used one too! But here's the thing, they are there to support you during your birth, they are not coaching you through your training - the physical and mental aspects of preparing your body for birth. That's where this program comes in and the information you learn and the training you do will be fully supported by your birth team.
Are there any physical products I have to buy?
I recommend a few pieces of exercise equipment but they are not required. I also recommend a few products that I use or endorse but again, they are options and not required.
Do I have to re-purchase the course when I have another baby?
No - you have lifetime access so you can simply sign back in and review the entire program. Chances are there will be more information added by then so you will have access to that too...for life!
Can I do all of the exercises at home or do I need to go to a gym?
You can do them anywhere you like. I designed them to be exercises you can do on the go or at home or at the gym.  
Will there be useful information for my partner?
100% yes! I teach Prepare To Push™ workshops and it is almost always full of couples. Not only is the information empowering for you, it is empowering for them. When they know how to support you in birth (they will learn that in the comfort measures lesson) they play an active role in the experience.  
I'm doing this on my own - do I need a partner for this course to work?
Alone or with a partner, this program is ultimately designed to support YOU, the pregnant person.
Prepare to Push™ Online:
A comprehensive labour, birth, and recovery program.
  • EXCLUSIVE members' only portal
  • ​43 lessons (& growing... just like you!)
  • Videos
  • ​Images
  • ​Exercises & Workouts
  • ​Product recommendations
  • ​Informative articles
  • LIFETIME access
  • and so much more!
  • ​BONUS: Bellies Inc™ Labour and Birth Handbook
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