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Prepare to Push™
What Your Pelvic Floor and Abdomen Want You To Know About Pregnancy and Birth
(Psst.. this will change your life...seriously)
Pregnancy is an exciting time and there is A LOT to learn! Have you given any thought to your pelvic floor and how you can prepare it for birth? Perhaps you have been told to 'do your kegels' but you aren't sure why or how to do them? 
The pelvic floor is responsible for A LOT and it is facing some pretty significant changes in pregnancy. You are in an amazing position to arm yourself with knowledge now so you can be truly prepared for birth and your postpartum recovery. That's why I wrote Prepare to Push™.
Prepare to Push™ can help you prevent tearing & shorten your push time! 
It includes:
  • The best birth positions to make birth easier 
  • ​The essential core exercises that prepare you for labor and birth
  • Tips to help prevent tearing and postpartum incontinence
  • ​A postpartum recovery protocol 
  • Perineal Massage - individual and partner instructions
  • ​What birth positions are best 
  • Diastasis Recti - what it is and why you need to pay attention
  • ​Pelvic floor anatomy and function - how to protect it and how to heal it
  • Labour specific fitness training exercises
  • PLUS: a postpartum recover and return to fitness plan
(Psst.. this will change your life...seriously)
"Of all the prenatal education books and online resources I used, yours were my favorite - especially the labor and birth position section - I took the guidebook with me to the hospital!  I felt so confident for my birth and I recommend your book and course to every pregnant woman I know!"
- Michelle
Hey, I'm Kim Vopni - aka The Vagina Coach
I have been helping women prepare for and recover from pregnancy and birth for over 14 years now. I emphasize the pelvic floor and abdomen because they undergo the most change and they influence so many aspects of our lives from peeing and pooing to exercise and sex! I've been pregnant twice and birthed 2 boys (one who is taller than me now!) through an intact perineum with no postpartum incontinence. I have coached hundreds of women and have helped them improve their pregnancies, birth experiences and postpartum recoveries and I want to help you too.  I have put some of my top advice in my book Prepare To Push™ and would love to send you a free copy.

Prepare to Push™
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Prepare to Push™...
"I took the Prepare to Push Program and I am now 6 months postpartum. I thought I'd let you know how useful I found this program. I had no complications throughout pregnancy, birth or postpartum. That includes no low back pain, no tearing and no diastasis or prolapse.
 - Sarah
"This program took the fear away from natural delivery. Prepare to Push was super informative and gave me tons of exercises and tips to follow. I was really scared to deliver naturally but now I feel more prepared and the fear has lessened. I think anyone who wants to have a natural delivery should do this program!" 
- Mimi
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